Myofascial Helices


Fascial tissue research in sports medicine: from molecules to tissue adaptation, injury and diagnostics

Abstract The fascial system builds a three-dimensional…

Risk factors for Plantar fasciitis: a matched case-control study

Daniel L Riddle , Matthew Pulisic, Peter Pidcoe, Robert E Johnson Abstract Background: Plantar…

T1ρ-Mapping for Musculoskeletal Pain Diagnosis: Case Series of Variation of Water Bound Glycosaminoglycans Quantification before and after Fascial Manipulation® in Subjects with Elbow Pain

Abstract: Diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal pain is a major clinical challenge. Following this need, the first aim of our study was to provide an innovative magnetic resonance technique called T1ρ to quantify possible alterations in elbow pain, a common musculoskeletal pain syndrome that has not a clear etiology.

Ultrasound assessment of fascial connectivity in the lower limb during maximal cervical flexion: technical aspects and practical application of automatic tracking

Background: The fascia provides and transmits forces for connective tissues, thereby regulating human posture and movement. One way to assess the myofascial interaction is a fascia ultrasound recording. Ultrasound can follow fascial displacement either manually or automatically through two-dimensional (2D) method. One possible method is the iterated Lucas-Kanade Pyramid (LKP) algorithm, which is based on automatic pixel tracking during passive movements in 2D fascial displacement assessments. Until now, the accumulated error over time has not been considered, even though it could be crucial for detecting fascial displacement in low amplitude movements.

Range of Motion of the Ankle According to Pushing Force, Gender and Knee Position

Objective: To investigate the difference of range of motion (ROM) of ankle according to pushing force, gender and knee position.

Efficacy of Fascial Distortion Model Treatment for Acute, Nonspecific Low-Back Pain in Primary Care: A Prospective Controlled Trial.

Efficacy of Fascial Distortion Model Treatment for Acute, Nonspecific…